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Exciting company is looking for Full Stack mutants!

18 Aug 2014

I have heard many buzzwords for recruiting talented developers that tried to sex up the position. Ninja. Rockstar. Superstar. You get the idea. Even the term “full stack,” which seems more technical than all the others, has started to take on some sort of edginess. For some reason unbeknownest to me, recruiters feel it is necessary to act like programming is equivalent to playing to a packed house at Coachella or being an assasin.

Don’t get me wrong. I love software engineering and, at times, it can be very exciting. But, when it comes down to it, I spend roughly 8 hours a day hunched over a desk staring at a monitor, trying to figure out just the right thing to type to make the box in front of me do what I want.

Last year, however, I received what may be my absolute favorite recruiting email. It’s subject line was “Exciting company is looking for Full Stack mutants!”

The rest of the email read like a typical recruiting email. Exciting company. Seeking mutants with powers in Python and Javascript. Share with any other mutants you might know. If you have mutant powers yourself, apply!

I enjoy the X-Men casually. I’ve seen the movies and caught the occasional episode of the animated series as a kid. But, not being a die hard fan, it took me a few seconds to catch on to the fact that “mutant” was being used in positive way.

Introducing yourself to someone in a way that has a non-zero chance of coming off as negative is a bad choice. Software Engineers are working professionals and should be taken seriously if you are actually trying to recruit them. It would be unthinkable in any other industry to act this way towards potential employees.

Afterall, you wouldn’t try to hire a lawyer by alluding to Pheonix Wright.

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