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Forward Inbound Emails to your HTTP Server using Postfix

09 Sep 2013

Recently, I’ve been building my own personal bookmarking service as a way to play around with AngularJS, RethinkDB and NodeJS. I’ve also felt that the services I was using to catalog my bookmarks were lacking, but that’s another story.

Anyway, something that I’ve been meaning to build is a feature that allows you to send bookmarks to the service via email, similar to what Pocket does. You just send an email to, and Pocket will scrape out any urls present within the email and put them in your bookmarks. For me, it’s proved to be a convenient feature when I’m browsing on Mobile Safari, as it’s easy to directly share links from Safari via email.

So, in short, I’m setting out to add this functionality to my own bookmarking app. I plan on using Postfix to receive emails and send them over https to my internal API server.

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Sprint Programming - URL Shortener

12 Jul 2013

10:50 PM

I’ve decided to do a quick sprint-to-the-finish programming exercise and see how long it will take me to build a fully functioning URL shortener. I’ve picked out tech that will hopefully make this extremely quick and limit the overall amount of work that I actually need to do. I plan on using 1 t1.micro AWS instance running an incredibly small nodejs server and amazon s3. And nothing else. Well, besides some front end pages with jquery, I guess.

The nodejs server will place html pages in Amazon S3 that contain a meta refresh header tag that will perform the redirect. I don’t plan to use any frameworks, or any libraries outside the standard nodejs libs besides a library to communicate with S3.

I don’t have any of this set up currently, but hopefully it’ll be a quick process to get everything in place. Here goes something.

And just as a side-note, I’m using Draft to actually type this post up.

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